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Shoes Care



While wearing a pair of Gracelook shoes is a pleasure, taking care of them is essential. Only then will your shoes maintain their beauty and quality over time.

1. Never wear your new leather-soled shoes in the rain,If your shoes do get wet, put shoe trees, or newspaper if you don't have one, in them to support the shoes, and let them dry at room temperature for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet sole leather will wear out twice as quickly as dry sole leather.

2. Don't wear the same shoe every day. Your shoes absorb moisture from your feet in the course of a day. It is important that the moisture is allowed to evaporate naturally before the shoes are worn again. This will extend the life of your shoes and prevent excessive wrinkling and cracking in the leather.

3. Always invest in shoe trees. They serve two main purposes: Firstly, they stretch the upper back into its original shape and remove creases that may have formed on the upper. Secondly, they draw moisture back out of the leather, allowing it to dry correctly.

4. Always use a shoe horn. A shoe horn prevents you from crushing the stiff heel section of the upper. Additionally, it’s much easier to put your shoes on with a shoe horn and extends the life of the shoe.



1. Remove the laces and put the correctly sized shoe trees in your shoes.

2. Remove dust and dirt with the proper brush or a dry cotton cloth.

3. Spread leather cream protector in circular movements with the applicator brush. Don’t forget to clean and protect your welts as well as your uppers.

4. Leave the cream to permeate the leather for at least two hours then buff the shoe with brush/cotton cloth in long, firm strokes to create a smooth, even shine look.

5. Use wax polish to weather proof protection.

6. Use a dry cloth, making circular movements to complete your polish.